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The Two Faces of Dixie: Politicians, Plantations and Slaves

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Goh, M. This sea change was felt nationwide, as the balance of power in Congress, the judiciary, and the presidency shifted dramatically and lastingly toward the North, and the country embarked on a course toward equal rights. Levine captures the many-sided human drama of this story using a huge trove of diaries, letters, newspaper articles, government documents, and more. When the smoke clears, not only Dixie but all of American society is changed forever.

Brilliantly argued and engrossing, The Fall of the House of Dixie is a sweeping account of the destruction of the old South during the Civil War, offering a fresh perspective on the most colossal struggle in our history and the new world it brought into being.

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  7. A portrait of a country in transition. Levine recounts this tale of Southern institutional rot with the ease and authority born of decades of study.

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    Bruce Levine is the J. The most recent… More about Bruce Levine. General readers and seasoned scholars alike will find new information and insights in this eye-opening account. He has, in short, written another modern classic. Varon, author of Disunion!

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    In the tradition of James McPherson, Bruce Levine has produced a book that is a work of both history and literature. He masterfully recaptures an era of unsurpassed drama and importance. With this book, he confirms his standing among the leading Civil War historians of our time.

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    Shifting away from traditional accounts that emphasize generals and campaigns, Levine instead offers a brilliant and provocative analysis of the way in which slaves and non-elite whites transformed the conflict into a second American Revolution. Our understanding of this central event in American history will never be the same. White, Jr. Brushing aside the notion that slavery was merely one of many issues over which the war was fought, Levine. Read An Excerpt. Paperback —.