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In fact, as the Pope adds, "he lives with us full of grace and truth; he renews moral life, nourishes virtue, consoles the afflicted, strengthens the weak, and urges all those who approach him to imitate him. Thus we must bear in mind the particular significance of the veneration due to Christ in the tabernacle.

In the tabernacle Christ is in the Eucharist which remained after the celebration of Mass; thus in some way the work of the Mass continues in the tabernacle. The Lord is in the tabernacle under the species of bread, that is, under the aspect of victim, in the sacramental state of sacrificial offering.

And in the tabernacle his prayer continues "always living to intercede for us" Hebrews 7, Whoever honours Christ in the Eucharist reserved in the tabernacle, must see him as a sacrificed victim, that is to say, he must unite himself with the victim of Calvary, continuing the sacrifice of the Mass.

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Moreover, Christ is in the tabernacle under the species of bread, which signifies food to be eaten. Devotion to Christ in the tabernacle thus supposes a spiritual continuation of the Eucharistic Communion, which makes one participate in the sacrificial victim of the Mass. In the light of this we can understand the true meaning of the worship of Christ in the Eucharist as reserved.

It is a devotion which continues the Mass and its fruits as a sacrifice and as a meal.

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It is in this sense that we should understand visits to the Blessed Sacrament, adoration, processions, etc. If the presence in the tabernacle is separated from the Mass and Communion, then certainly, devotion to Christ in the Eucharist as reserved is no longer understandable, since Christ is in the tabernacle as a consequence of the sacrifice and of the meal. Only in relation to these is it possible to understand this presence correctly. Consequently, it is only as a continuation of the Eucharistic sacrifice and meal that devotion to Christ in the tabernacle is theologically clear and set in the Eucharistic context willed by Christ.

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Prayer Requests. He was duly extricated, much to the amusement and probably the envy of the assembled Saints.

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That would certainly would have made for an interesting general conference! Today, the fountain is long gone with no chance for any swimming, and conference sessions were moved to the Conference Center in April The Tabernacle now houses concerts by The Tabernacle Choir and The Orchestra at Temple Square, daily organ recitals, and other performances and speakers. The Tabernacle Choir has been singing at general conference for over years. This weekend as usual, the Choir will perform at the Saturday morning session of general conference and at both Sunday sessions.


Olga Krizova opens today at Frascatti near Rome. This will take place among the 84 members with the right to vote present, and other VDB observers and delegates. There are almost VDB members who are spread across 60 countries around the world, living their consecration to God through the vows of obedience, poverty and chastity in ordinary daily life. They have no common life, but usually come together as a 'group' once or twice a month for recollection and formation days. At times is not easy for other members of the Salesian Family to understand their 'secular consecration'.

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Through the simple words or their World Moderator , Ms. Olga K.

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Joan Lluis Playa. All of us can assist the GA 8 delegates with our prayers. During the preparation period for General Assembly the Institute proposed the following prayer:. With this infinite Love, you enter the heart of every person and human history. Guide our steps that we may discover new and profound ways to offer the world your water, the only one that can quench our thirst. We believe that every time we open our hearts to discover you in the faces of our needy brothers and sisters, we receive the fresh water of your Love, the courage and joy to announce your news, like the Samaritan woman.

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