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Each is folded map-style and opens to a 10"x13" page. The entire New Testament and the burlap bag weighs just 13 ounces!

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It can be rained on, snowed on, or fully submerged in a body of water. Frontline Faith Players for Catholic Troops. There are more than , Catholic troops currently serving in the U. Our goal is to provide an MP3 player to each and every one of those service men and women as well as their families. Initial distribution for the players targets injured troops in military hospitals and wounded transition units and troops currently deployed or preparing for deployment. Online devotionals and spiritual encouragement, including apps.

A devotional to help military families stay connected during deployments. It is our goal to minister to you and to help you think about things which will refresh and comfort you during this time of war. We want you to have hope! We know that there is a battle in the mind—a spiritual battle against discouragement and fear. But for those who persevere under trial there are great promises.

A publication of Cru Military. We read the book with just that question in mind and offer these daily ideas to complement what the authors, the Kendrick brothers, have written so well. Finding Hope in Him. Building a bridge between faith and lifestyle. Difficult circumstances are woven into the lives of just about everybody. Some of us have some very hurting hearts.

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We have been left broken hearted by a loved one. We might know of someone who is very sick and possibly dying. Some of us are surrounded by people, yet are engulfed by feelings of loneliness everyday. Some of us are searching for fulfillment in things other than God. Some of us feel trapped by our jobs, responsibilities and even our relationships. She is most passionate about leading women to discover a deeper hope in God by looking into His Word, learning what it means, and living it out in everyday life.

God Understands American Bible Society. They were written for VA chaplains but military chaplains also find them useful for counseling and for having them on hand for troops to pick up on their own. You can view the content of each booklet website link above as well as listen and download audio readings of four of the booklets. This site can also be opened from an iPhone or an Android, which is a great place to listen to the booklets.


Gain access to free Bible studies and devotionals designed for military personnel, veterans and their families. Track your progress, record personal insights and share your thoughts, comments and prayer requests. Interact with groups and invite others to read with you as you take the Bible Challenge. It is a collaboration of Chaplains and ministry leaders sharing information to strengthen and encourage the body of Christ. The purpose of the site is to strategically disseminate information and provide encouragement to military members and their families.

The site will include various blogs, video and audio podcasts as well as links to strategic resources for spiritual growth. Let's face it; life as a military teen isn't easy. There's always change and uncertainty, and we long for something more solid to grab hold of. It's a solid place, and it's specifically for you. Sign up for a text journey and we'll send you a message each day. With a variety of meaningful topics to choose from, each personalized journey contains stories, media, Bible passages, and questions to guide you — making God's Word relevant and personal to you.

Start your personal journey today and see where God's Word takes you. You Version - Hope after Trauma. It is our prayer that you will find the hope and healing that God alone can provide. We find a mission bigger than ourselves.

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Special Military Edition from Time of Grace. But recognize that God has an even better way for us to learn life wisdom, a way that continually draws us closer to him no matter how far from family or church we might be. Because of his great love for us, he would much rather make us wiser through words. Military support is not a concept to embrace; military support is sacrificial action. Resources for supporters of military and veteran families. Adopt a military family. I think this is a rather frivolous approach.

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The first and foremost purpose of a biblical or spiritual fast is to get a breakthrough on a particular matter that one lifts up to the Lord in prayer. A spiritual fast involves our hearts and the way in which we relate to and trust God.

It relates to discerning and receiving strength to follow through on what God might reveal to us about circumstances in our lives or a direction we are to take. I am not against people fasting in order to lose weight.

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Many people fast to lose weight or maintain their weight. What I am opposed to is making the losing of weight your primary goal in a season of spiritual fasting and prayer. To have weight loss as a goal makes your fasting a diet plan, not a time of genuine fasting and prayer. If losing weight is your purpose in fasting, you will be missing out on the full reason for fasting, and you likely will be concerned only with what you don't eat rather than with what you are led to pray. Now there's certainly an issue of food that is associated with many seasons of prayer and fasting, and let me quickly add this: The purpose is not the number of pounds you might lose during a fast, but rather, trusting God to help you regain mastery over food during a fast.

Jesus said, "The spirit is. Fasting is a means of bringing the flesh into submission to the Lord so He can strengthen us in our mastery over our own selves. Fasting in the flesh makes us stronger to stand against the temptations of the flesh. Those temptations very often deal with food. Abstaining from food is often God's way of showing that His desire for us is that we regain mastery over all things associated with our flesh in order to subdue our flesh and elevate our emphasis on spiritual matters.

God's promise is to help us as we overcome the flesh and put all carnal temptations into subjection. We are wise to recognize that food was the enticement the devil used to cause Eve and Adam to sin in the Garden of Eden. In Genesis 2 the Lord God told Adam and Eve that they could eat freely of every tree in the garden of Eden, "but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: God did not tell Adam and Eve to refrain from touching a particular animal or smelling a particular flower or swimming in a certain stream.

He told them to refrain from taking a particular fruit into their bodies-one type of fruit out of all the many types He had made available to them.

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God had given Adam and Eve authority over all things that He had created-every bird, fish, beast of the field, and over "every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat" Gen.

God did not prohibit Adam and Eve from interacting with any part of God's creation when He commanded them to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, and subdue it-except for this one tree and its fruit.

They were not to eat of a particular tree,what God described to them as the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Why did God set apart this one tree and its fruit? God was giving Adam and Eve free will and the ability to make choices and decisions.

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Free will isn't really free if a person has no choice. Adam and Eve had a choice to make about this one tree. God told them to abstain from eating from its fruit because He did not want His beloved creation to have a knowledge of evil. He had already given them a full knowledge of everything He called "good. That's true for us today as Christians. God calls us to pursue only what is good. Paul wrote to the Philippians: God desires only good for His children.