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This week, we will have the opportunity to work along side him and his team of church planters. Two verses are very much on my heart this week from the book of Romans.

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The first is Romans where Paul prayed that his faith and the faith of the Romans would mutually encourage one another. The second verse on my heart is Romans , "So I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome. We will have the joy of seeing 3 profess their faith publicly through baptism that day.

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Pray others will be saved this week as we serve and preach the gospel. I love you!

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After stopping to refill our water bottles from one of the many water fountains that is supplied via the aqueducts they are all over the place here--amazing! We waited in line and then went through the metal detectors and x-ray machines it was like being at the airport, but we could keep our shoes on! The Colosseum is very, very crowded, but well worth the trouble.

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We climbed to the upper level and learned about what the Colosseum would have been like if we had been around in ancient Rome, imagining the people and animals being transported under the stage through the substructure, being blown away by the fact that they had engineered a canvas roof to protect the spectators from the sun we could have used it today! It was truly incredible to see, and many panoramic pictures and selfies were taken.

We then headed down to ground level to get a better view of the substructure corridors before finally heading out the door and on our way to lunch at Pizza Forum. Well, everyone except me--I had to run an errand to buy a new belt because of a mishap at the airport. Long story After lunch, we boarded our bus and headed off to our first festival rehearsal at a fairly swanky hotel--they were a bit cruel and walked us past a luxurious swimming pool that looked oh so inviting on our way to the conference room.

We were led and often entertained by our festival choir director, Dr.

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Rollo Dilworth, running through our music for the first time together as a group. By the end of the rehearsal, those of us who were still awake were pleased with the progress we had made, and very excited about our future performances in the coming days. I'm also super excited about the possibility of playing the organ at St.

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Peter's in the Vatican--I don't play the organ, but I will jump at the chance if they allow us to. Talk about something to put on my resume!

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  6. We all headed out to dinner at a lovely restaurant where we were treated to bread, pasta, chicken, sausage, and ice cream. The adults and there are lots of adults--this festival choir is inter-generational! When I noticed the bottle was nearly empty, I also noticed that no one else at my table had been drinking any. This led to more typos while writing this than ended up in the final version Each choir took a turn singing a piece for the rest of the group, which was really great to hear.

    Dilworth requested that each group present something that gave the rest of the festival an idea of what we were all about, and when it was our turn the girls sang a lovely a cappella version of "The Lord Bless You and Keep You"--beautiful! It was a great time all together, and our girls have already found new friends in fellow choirs in the festival.

    Greetings From Rome

    So that's all for today! Tomorrow brings our first concert, so we're all excited!

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    6. Until then, ciao! Note: the wi-fi here is making it difficult for me to upload photos.