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However, we sometimes receive our most important messages from hurtful messengers and the messages are hidden in upsetting forms of communication. Then it becomes emotionally difficult to separate the message from the messenger, and the message from the form it takes.

Shooting the messenger

While that might be true, you may have created a lot of unnecessary suffering by being divisive and undermining morale. In this situation, the form of the message is getting fired, the messenger is your boss, and the real message is that you have not learned to stay mindful of your inner experience when you are triggered by external factors at work. Practicing compassion and loving-kindness toward yourself is extremely useful in helping you stay with the unpleasant experience.

Identify the form of the message. So often we are simply overwhelmed by the form the message takes—such as being left by a spouse, being overlooked for a promotion, being severely criticized, or being taken advantage of in some fashion—and we fail to identify the message. Reframe the messenger.

Don't Blame the Messenger: A Field Experiment on Delivery Methods for Increasing Tax Compliance

However, it is critical that you reframe that person as the messenger rather than getting lost in their shortcomings or your history with them. Listen, but never give away your authority. Your are being given a message from life—only you can receive the message and know what it means. Sometimes you have to wait for your emotions to settle before you can receive the message. The message may reflect a pattern of behavior or a series of shortcoming in you that causes similar problems to occur repeatedly.

Cultivate a true desire to know and grow in wisdom. Receive the message with humility, knowing that you do not know everything about yourself, and accept your own imperfection.

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Download: English downloads. There is an ample literature on the determinants of tax compliance. Several field experiments have evaluated the effect and comparative relevance of sending deterrence and moral suasion messages to taxpayers. Discuss how your organization could develop or strengthen its safety culture by developing a process that ensures the messenger is welcomed. Discuss what good boss and bad boss behaviors look sound like when a message is delivered.

Discuss ways that messengers could deliver their messages in ways that are not confrontational and avoids the appearance of being selfish.

Ken Starr - Don't blame the messenger because the message

Discuss a current safety concern and develop a strategy for how to get it addressed and resolved. I really enjoy getting feedback and supportive messages from fellow first responders. It gives me the energy to work harder for you.

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    Created by: Radiate. Bearers of bad news During my safety programs I have the exceptional opportunity to talk with thousands of first responders. A safety culture In organizations that have a strong safety culture all bosses are open to all feedback, good and bad. The battered messenger Once attacked for bringing the bad news, the emotionally injured messenger will either become fearful, angry or resentful of the boss.

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