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Painted Palm fronds and star adorn the ceiling and upper walls of the church. The museum was a disappointment; they had few old rusted coffee bean harvesting and processing machineries. I thought Kauai Coffee plantation had a better Museum and video shows. We had another Muster drill before our departure.

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What a spectacular sight, as the ship slowly moved east along the coast, every few minutes the shape and size of the lava changed. Goddess Pele knows how to display her magic. Palmisano the marine biologist discussed topics on sea birds, sea otters. Some people went to the sports deck with him to observe the stars in the night sky in the middle of Pacific.

We had a Mariners party on the 2nd formal night followed by two informal night and formal night. The last day,the sea was bit choppy but every one was fine. We had two hour technical stop in Ensenada, Mexico and on Thursday April 6, we disembarked from the ship in a breeze.

Black Eagle By R.C. Wild

This cruise was absolutely fantastic; Amsterdam and all its crew members are as wonderful. We enjoyed each of the islands, and they were all amazing in their own way. Overall an outstanding cruise experience. We will cruise Holland America again - probably on the new Noordam. Read Less.

Sail Date March Helpful Karl Reitter 1 Review Written. Amsterdam - South Pacific. Amsterdam South Pacific. When boarded the Amsterdam on Jan. The boarding process was fluid and well organized. As the cabins were not ready we went up to the Lido Restaurant for lunch.

Blackeagle: Pride of the Kikawas

At about pm we were able to access At about pm we were able to access our cabin on the Dolphin deck. As this is a handicapped cabin it was very roomy and well laid out. The first thing we noticed was the deodorant smell. The next thing was that the whole cabin stank of cigarette smoke. As I suffer from congestive heart failure, breathing in such stinky air was a burden. The pillows smelled like ashtrays. I spend a terrible night and the next morning made a written complaint about the condition to the front desk. They placed an ozone generator in the cabin for eight 8 hours. We were advised to stay out of the cabin The also replaced the pillows and yhe shower curtain as I had requested.

The second night conditions were better. On the third day, we noticed an acrid smell in the cabin - somewhat like burned wiring insulation. My spouse saw the maintenance staff having a panel off just outside of our cabin and inquired what the problem was.

I Threw My Own Pride Parade Because My City Didn't Have One

She was told that there was a problem with rats. When we returned to our cabin at about pm the acrid smell was still very much present. We kept our cabin door open for about an hour and as there was a very strong exhaust fan in the bathroom, we kept the door to the bathroom open. Next day we registered again a complained with the front office as our complains to our cabin steward regarding the lack of fresh and breathable air in our cabin received no corrective response. On day five the shampooed the carpet in our cabin and after the medicine like small subsided we were finally able to have reasonable fresh air in the cabin by keeping the door to the bathroom open day and night.

We took this cruise together with my in-laws. However while we booked through an internet travel agency, they had booked directly with HAL. We asked for and were assigned early dining at pm. They had been assigned main dining at pm. We went to see the Maitre D' on our first day on board and requested to have an assigned diner seating together. I stressed that it needs to be early. The next day we were assigned dining at pm - I guess as far as my in-laws were concerned it was "early". We tried it for three nights and when I found out that it was too late for me to eat, we took our dinner at the Lido restaurant for the rest of the cruise.

On January 17 at noon I went to the Lido Restaurant for lunch.

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The server picked up a plate, picked up the tongs and started to grab some spaghetti. For the first times in my life I was speechless.

While I realize that with three gold bars the ships officer is high up on the totem pole, never the less, I was in front of him and I should have been served first. We took our breakfast, consisting of orange juice, coffee and a Danish pastry, in our cabin every morning.

On the third day of our voyage my spouse asked the cabin steward to put a fresh banana in our fruit basket every day. He told her that he could not get any bananas. We retrieved a banana every day at the lunch or breakfast buffet so that we could have it in the morning. When I realized that I could order some sliced bananas with our morning breakfast order I included bananas in our standing order. Although they were not entirely fresh they did provide a satisfactory substitute One day we found some sticky substance and two black hairs on the plate with our breakfast. The next day we were given a cracked coffee cup and had to place tissue under the cup to absorb the coffee leakage.

Obviously a result of lack of attention to detail. I put in a written complaint with the customer service desk and such events did not happen again. One evening we my spouse and my in-laws as usual were at dinner at the Lido restaurant. My spouse and I usually arrived first and my in-laws joined us subsequently. I had ordered and been served a bottle of Grolsch beer. My brother-in-law wanted one also.

We told one steward.

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About twenty minutes later, as there had been no response to his request, he told another steward. When the alcoholic beverage server finally arrived at our table about 30 minutes after the first request, my brother-in-law had finished his meal and did not need any service. We live on the outskirts of Las Vegas and are frequent visitors to various restaurants and buffets in Las Vegas. At the Lido restaurant, we got a glass of water at the begin of our dinner, however, to get a refill was almost impossible and it was more then once that we had to get up to get a water refill ourselves.

I observed that service staff was just standing around, engaged in conversation with other service staff. Maybe HAL service policy is to ensure that customers get some exercise by getting there own water refills? This was our fifth cruise within a year. Our first cruise was on the Oosterdam along the mexican coast. We were so impressed by the service we received that we promptly booked another trip with the Oosterdam from Seattle to Alaska in May. Again, the service was excellent and it was a very pleasurable cruise. The accommodations and service were excellent but the quality of food was not as good as we found on the Oosterdam.

Accommodations, food and service were excellent. In fact they were even better then what we had received on the Oosterdam, which is a hard act to trump. Of all five cruises the one on the Amsterdam was the worst. Unfortunately it also was the longest in duration - 30 days. We assume that the lack of service we experienced on the Amsterdam is the exception rather then the rule as to what HAL has to offer. Sail Date January Since this was such a long sailing, I will not attempt to give a day-by-day account of everything I did.

Rather, I will hit on the high and low points of the cruise and try to provide the information most requested on the CC boards. I will I will also note the various ports we visited and how I spent my time there. This particular cruise is only done by Holland America once per year, usually in the month of January.

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While many of their cruises visit the Islands of Hawaii, this one takes the voyage a step further and goes onto the South Pacific Islands as well, including a stop at Christmas Island in Kirbiti and also a visit to Nuku Hiva in Tahiti. Embarkation: This was an absolute snap. I waited at my hotel across the street until about before even making my way to the Pier of San Diego and the beautiful m. Amsterdam that awaited me. It took me less than 15 minutes to dump my bags with the porters, enter the building, make my way to each check-in station, through the security screeners and onto the ship.

I was directed to the Lido deck since the cabins were not quite ready. There I found a lavish buffet and plenty of tables at which to enjoy it. Bypassing the food, though, I made my way to a seat in the Lido Bar area where I could make some last minute telephone calls while I still had cell service.

I stayed on the Lido deck for an additional half hour or so, completed my business, and then made my way to the Main Deck and cabin Stewards were in plentiful supply in the hallway to assist anyone needing help in finding their way.