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The SCIO combines all known applications of Biofeedback and operates through a unique medical software, which is the largest in its field to date. The SCIO is a safe, non-invasive, powerful bio-feedback device that stimulates the tremendous self-healing capacity of the body through stress detection and reduction. Stresses that impact the body include pathogens viruses, bacteria, fungi etc , toxins, traumas, nutrient deficiencies, allergies, hereditary disorders, mental factors and perverse energies.

These stresses often result in a lowered immune system, chronic pain, low performance, disease, depression, insomnia and emotional ups and downs. The SCIO is an extraordinary device that can help balance and correct the over-stressed body system through stress reduction. Life itself is about energy flow because everyone runs on electrical energy.

Biofeedback Uses

We are all energy beings. Since the s, scientists have discovered that all forms of life resonate or vibrate at particular frequencies. Everything - all our tissues, cells, organs, emotions and thought patterns have their own unique electro-magnetic fields, as do allergens, viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Laser Treatment for Allergies

Therefore imbalances that reside in our bodies and minds can be detectable and reduced via the correction of their particular electro-magnetic fields. Healthy tissue will respond in a predictable way, while unhealthy tissues will conduct pulses differently, producing different readings. Thus in the cybernetic loop, the SCIO measures the body electric and produces feedback for wound healing, pain reduction, relaxation and stress reduction through electrical stimulation.

The SCIO works in a naturopathic manner to stimulate and harness the powerful self-healing ability of the human system. The device focuses on stress reduction and can provide information on the possible origins of stress and disease throughout the body. The SCIO is connected to you via a headband and wrist and ankle straps. These send and receive the electromagnetic signals to the body. The SCIO is then connected to a computer, which runs the sophisticated software needed for effective applications.

The SCIO has a database of test frequencies for over substances, which makes this machine unlike any other. It scans the body much like a virus-scan on a computer against its vast library of test substances and then produces a list of items that are causing stress in the body. Therefore the testing procedure is completed in only approximately 3 minutes.

This information is selected and listed by the SCIO in order of the highest reaction and the stressors are analyzed in the course of a stress management session. Once your imbalances and stresses have been identified through testing, a unique programme is selected from among 85 different vibrational biofeedback therapies to help bring you balance and relief. If there has not been an improvement, the input resonance is altered. It maintains each beneficial setting as long as it is helping and changes it as soon as it is no l onger useful.

Some special SCIO applications include:. NLP Neuro-Linguistic-Programming : Designed for stress reduction, emotional counseling and stress management on a deep level. The SCIO operates via a bio-feedback system which is highly sensitive and responds to your changing electrical requirements. In other words, during a session the device continuously sends and receives electrical messages from you and therefore monitors, evaluates and changes the therapy accordingly.

This makes the SCIO extremely safe. The SCIO testing and therapies also do not interfere with medications from orthodox medicine and can in fact compliment pharmaceuticals. The SCIO is ideally suited to children and babies, as they are often unable to verbally communicate how they are feeling. The SCIO is also painless and non-invasive. The SCIO can detect stresses within the systems and deliver applications, which have proven positive effects in reducing pain, healing traumas and reducing stress.

It is absolutely incredible how this device can find out exactly what is wrong with every part of your body without having to go through extreme or very invasive procedures. I was amazed to hear all the problems I had after my first consultation! I knew that something was wrong with me and my body did not feel right but I did not realise how wrong things were. I honestly do not believe my physician or any physician for that matter could have told me even a tenth of the amount of information the SCIO provided, and they would have had to have sent me for a number of tests to be able to deduce this little bit of information.

It is up to you how often you come in. Our out-of-town clients will be with us twice a day, every day until they leave. Local clients also have that option. You can come in once a day, once a week or even once a month until all your found biological stressors are cleared up.

It is really just up to you and how quickly you want to get these stressors removed. There is a very specific protocol that we have to follow and the amount treated at one time can vary from one up to a half a dozen. We do treat these stressors in families.

Plan on being in our office for at least 90 minutes. You will have a detailed and complete evaluation done and tested on all of the major stressors from most foods to most airborne substances. You will also have a detailed consultation with Dr. Dylan Foster, DC. Everyone is different and suffers from different allergies or sensitivities.

We have had patients instantly able to breathe through their nose for the first time in many years. We have also had others feel tired and mildly ill from detoxifying. I suggest if you are tired, your body is saying it needs to rest and heal so do what it is saying and rest until you feel better. This is where things get tricky.

Electrical kinesiology – A Natural Self Clinic

The premise is treatments are life long. However, life is always changing and if you are exposing yourself to something that may contribute to the development of allergies, such as medications, severe stress, poor dietary habits, poor choice in vitamin supplements, GMOs, Pesticides, Toxins, etc. Or if you have additional stressors needing fixed and you choose to ignore them.

Hopefully for you and our goal in our office is that your treatment will be for life.

Tips to ease your seasonal allergies

You are not ingesting or breathing in any type of actual substance, therefore nothing is traveling throughout your bloodstream or digestive system to cause any negative reactions. Yes it is safe for pregnant women. If we re-program the mother there is the possibility we may reduce if not eliminate any sensitivities being passing on to the fetus. However, it is recommended if you are in your 3rd trimester to wait until after delivery.

Also, to be safe we will not laser over the fetus at any stage. The older we get the more sensitivities and symptoms we typically develop. So if we get them early enough in life we should dramatically improve the quality of life for our children. Because we are not treating or chasing symptoms, we are getting to the core of the problem for most of you and removing the stressors that your body has been dealing with for how ever long it has been.

There are many underlying causes and we work diligently in addressing each and every one. We were actually one of the first clinics in the country to get this digitized technology around June of However, Dr. Foster, DC. For some of you, yes, for others, no. This depends entirely how you are currently living your life through diet, nutrition and exercise. I highly recommend that you do the best you can by eliminating genetically modified foods, eating organic, taking whole food nutritional supplements, exercising and maintaining a positive outlook in life.

We will be happy to advise you on these issues and steps in much more detail. Remember, your body is your temple. The more you take care of it, the more it will take care of you!

Welcome to Your Healing Potential Quantum Biofeedback Quantum Healing

We will help determine how important this will be fore you on your initial visit. Numerous theories point to Global warming, hygiene too many antibacterials that takeaway from and suppress your natural immune system , medications, processed and refined foods, emotional and physical stress, genetically modified foods and man made chemicals found in most foods.

Typically the treatment is in full effect anywhere from three hours to three days after your visit. Some patients experience immediate changes while others will need to clear up other families before they notice significant changes. Some people may notice changes quickly, while others may not notice until closer to the end. Everyone is different and when you work towards healing vs symptom chasing, patience is truly a virtue! Anything and everything that you can possibly think of! So not only can we suffer from the stuffy nose and itchy eyes but we can also suffer from major digestive disorders, mental distress, physical distress, etc.

YES, after your treatment, you have to wait 3 hours before you can be exposed to whatever it was that we had treated. Airborne substances means for you to minimize all forms of that family exposure. When we treat you for a food substance, you have to avoid all eating and sometimes drinking for 3 hours after the treatment.

ASA Balance Body Balancing System to Resolve Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Some suspect that when we take so many medications we suppress our nervous system thus allowing for an allergic response to begin to develop or take place. That suppression leaves us susceptible to new allergens and disease. My medical allergy tests said I was fine to an allergen but I know I suffer from it, can you check? If your nervous system is responding negatively to a specific substance, chances are very high that we will not only be able to find it, but also help calm your nervous system to no longer respond negatively to it any longer.